Zfx Inhouse5x wet & dry




Zfx Inhouse5x wet & dry
Minimum size, maximum performance.
Following on the successful launch of the laboratory scanner Zfx™ Evolution, Zfx™ Innovation is presenting right subsequently another own development: The compact machinery Zfx™ Inhouse5x.
Characterized by the dimensions of only 66 x 167 x 110 cm (W x H x D) it can be easily integrated into any laboratory. At the same time it attracts attention by its high performance: The machine is suitable for 5-axis simultaneous machining (wet and dry), designed and equipped with a high-frequency spindle (from 6.000 to 100,000 rpm), so a fast and cost-effective production process is guaranteed. The blanks can be clamped in circles and block form. Furthermore, Zfx™ Inhouse5x allows processing of materials in form of blocks (up to 15 blocks) and a tool magazine that can automatically change up to 28 tools. The placement can be adapted to the individual laboratory’s needs.

The manufacturing unit is suitable for milling and grinding, so various materials such as zirconia, ceramic, composite, PMMA, wax and with an optional spindle even hard materials such as cobalt chrome and titanium can be processed. Inlays, onlays, veneers and crowns and bridges of any span length belong to the recommended indications. Also customized implant abutments, which are glued by an existing titanium base, can be manufactured by that innovative machine. Metal scaffolds and structures characterized by especially complex geometries – such as implant-supported bridges and screwed abutments – are advised to be furthermore produced in one of the Zfx™ Milling Centers equipped with an industrial machinery. Like any hard-and software of the company, also the Zfx™ Inhouse5x is optimized for the processes within the own CAD / CAM system, however due to open interfaces, it can be easily combined with components from other manufacturers.
The Zfx™ Inhouse5x will be available as a package including a PC unit, Zfx CAD software and the full range of optimized Zfx milling strategies!

Industry standard in the smallest space
Open system (STL data files)
Compact dimensions – One-piece steel body weighing over 220 kg for high stability and improved milling performance
Simultaneous 5-axis milling, A- and B-axis with servo-motors
Dry and wet machining (Full integrated extraction unit, pump and filter system)
EasyClean: for fast and simple change-over between dry and wet processing
High-frequency spindle with 6,000 rpm up to 100,000 rpm (shaft with 4 mm diameter/ 8.4 Ncm)
Milling and grinding on one machine
Automatic tool magazine for up to 28 tools
Multi-Block Support allows the positioning and management of up to 15 blocks
Blankholder with Ø 100 mm
Replacement tool management
Tool-break detection
Automatic length measurement
Processing of zirconia, ceramic, composite, PMMA, wax, chrome cobalt and titanium


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