Castellini x-safe 70




Castellini x-safe 70
Precise diagnoses
in safe conditions
X-safe 70 guarantees a constant level of x-ray quality,
producing high-definition images which allow precise
recognition of details and a perfectly balanced contrast.
X-safe 70 offers the highest levels of safety for both the
operator and the patient, ensuring:
-Extremely high levels of protection against
leakage radiation
-Radiation beam limited to the sensitive plate surface
only through the use of shielded template devices.
Simple and intuitive
The handheld control selector can be applied
to the control unit directly or outside the dental
surgery. Setting exposure times is immediate,
precise and intuitive thanks to the following
-tooth selection
-patient’s build selection
-digital sensor selection
-film sensitivity selection
The three-figure display shows the times set to
one hundredth of a second.

Technical Data
CEI OCX 70-G tube
0.8 mm Focus (IEC 336)
Total filtration min. 2.5 mm Al eq
Anodic voltage 70 KV
Anodic current 8 mA
Power intake max 1.3 kVA
Exposure time 0,03-1,61 seconds
Power supply 230V 50Hz
Distance between focus and skin 8” (20 cm)
Arm extension 900/600/400 mm
CEI EN 60601-1-3 • CEI EN 60601-1
CEI EN 60601-2-7 • CEI EN 60601-2-28
CEI EN 60601-1-2 Electromagnetic compatibility
Conformity with directive EEC 93


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