Medical View is a Castellini multimedia system that comprises two types of monitor and a sophisticated intra-oral video camera. All devices comply with EC Medical Device directive 93/42.
The multimedia integration with a 19” 16:9 format LED Monitor offers a powerful image-based communication and diagnosis tool featuring cutting edge technology.
After fitting it on the operating light column, its monitor can be positioned and tilted downwards or upwards as desired. It also has a double articulation support arm that enables it to be moved closer to or further away from the operating zone as per your requirements. The touch-screen version of the monitor offers excellent ergonomics and working efficiency. In addition to this, its LED monitor gives sharp images, outstanding contrast and bright colors.
Its Medical Device Monitor is flat and CE 93/42 certified. It also has connectable lead to the PC and a USB port (in the touch-screen version) for further connectivity


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